Turgut Aydın Holdings has increased its share in A101

Turgut Aydın Holdings group company Aydın Perakendecilik, Yeni Mağazacılık A.Ş(A101) took over the shares of 21,836% belonging to other shareholders on April 25, 2014. With this transaction, Turgut Aydın Holdings keeps on as the majority shareholder in A101.

Memorial Ankara Hospital Opened

The Memorial Health Group, the leader name in the Turkish healthcare sector and a reference center for scientific and medical achievements in the international arena, opened a new hospital in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. Memorial Ankara Hospital brings the capital a brand new understanding in the healthcare with its modern architecture, specialists and professional academic staff, patient-oriented service and diagnosis treatment units with the most advanced medical technology.

English Home opens its 4th Store in Bulgaria

English Home offering more than 220 shops and online shopping in Turkey, continues its high quality service abroad in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Albania, Cyprus and Iraq. English Home opened a store in Burgas, one of Bulgaria’s most important touristic cities, after its current three stores in the capital city Sofia, with its high quality and affordable products.

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Memorial Dicle Hospital opened

After Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital, Memorial Health Group also started offering high standard health service in Dicle. It was designed not only to provide great service in Diyarbakir, but also to the entire region with its academic staff consisting of specialist physicians in their field, modern diagnostic and treatment units and technological equipment and also with its special architecture designed for patient comfort.